Holiday Touch Ups

      Holiday Touch Ups

      With the holiday season just around the corner women all over the country are getting ready to escape the day-to-day to relax in some sunshine. With the thought of spending your day on the beach in the back of your head, there are so many things to think about before you leave. What clothing will you pack? Do you need to buy anything new? What beauty essentials do you need with you to perfect your holiday look?

      You’ll need all the basics, from dresses to shoes including those heels of course, shower gel and shampoo. There’s sun cream to think about, deodorant, toothpaste and maybe a little bit of make-up too… but do you think about how you’ll keep up with your hair removal routine whilst you are away on your holidays?

      You can have your legs waxed before you leave and feel reassured knowing that they will be hair free for a few weeks so you can enjoy peace of mind as it will probably cover your holiday. But what about some of the harder to manage areas? For example, you could remove hair from your bikini line before you leave but you need to be prepared in case you miss a spot. You don’t want to put on your bikini to then realise there are a few stray hairs that aren’t supposed to be there. You want to feel happy and confident with how you look so Veet’s new Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler could be the perfect portable accessory to throw into your suit case to ensure you’re never stuck in that situation.

      As quickly as you spot the unwanted hairs, this easy to use electrical trimmer will get rid of them. Discover gentle, precise and fast hair removal as it smoothly removes hairs. As the cutting blades don’t directly touch the skin there’s no fear of cutting yourself. If you want to shave* the hair, use the high precision bikini trimmer head without the comb attachment. If you just want to trim the hair all to the same length, clip the adequate comb on the device. When you’re finished and your bikini line is hair free, just dust any hair from the blades with the cleaning brush, put it back in the pouch and pack it away again!

      As well as working on the bikini line this electric trimmer can also be used on your eyebrows, since there are two heads and two combs in the product pack (the bigger head is for Bikini, legs and underarms - the pencil head is for eyebrows). Decide which length you would like trim your eyebrows to and clip on the relevant head – the comb has two sides so you can chose between 2mm or 4mm length. Run the trimmer along your brows and it will cut the hairs all to the same length. You can also remove unwanted hairs the same way as you would with the bikini line by just using the trimmer without the comb clipped on the device.

      For something that can be so helpful, this beauty trimmer will take up hardly any room in your toiletry bag so there’s no reason to go anywhere without it! Just remember to pack the sun cream too.

      *Disclaimer: Cuts hair to 0.5mm in length